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Dreambox Player is a streaming-satellite radio and video player, developed by CoolDevelopements. This Windows based software has collected several awards, such as the 100% Clean award from Softpedia, Five Stars from Download25.com, and the Windows 7 Compatible and Windows 8 Compatible prizes from the Windows 7 and 8 Download Awards.

Dreambox is a TV satellite receiver and decoder based on Linux. Dreambox Player is a player that connects to the Dreambox service and emits the content through your PC or your handheld device. Dreambox Player allows you to stream video on Windows 64 bit, but it supports the 32 bit version, Enigma 2 and Enigma 1 devices.

How to use

Once you install this download and define some of settings, such as the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information or the language; you will see the main window with three principal areas: the video display window, media settings and channel options. The audio and media settings offer the option to change some Audio settings, such as the playback language, volume and audio channel change.

Choose the service you want to watch, via streaming, and make the audio and screen adjustments you need

In the Video tab, you will be able to adjust the aspect ratio and de-interlacing. There are another two tabs, Control and Recording; with which you will be able to capture some of the streaming portions of the content, and control the player. With the channels option, the user can choose between the following services for Radio and TV: All services, File Bouquets, Radio, History, Providers, Satellites, User-Bouquets, Favourites, Last Scanned and News.

Choose the service you want to watch on Dreambox Player, via streaming, and make the audio and screen adjustments you need. Select the option to view full screen and enjoy the programming to the maximum. If you see something memorable during the display, there is a specific tab for Recording what you are watching. Just press the Instant Recording Start button to select the storage location, and stop the recording process by pressing the button again.

Setting audio channels
Setting audio channels

Dreambox Player Features

These are some of the features of Dreambox Player:

  • Windows based and supports Enigma 1 and Enigma 2 devices
  • Select the idiom. You can choose the language, if it is available, to have an automatic translation of the EPG. This is an organized list of all the channels offered in your language
  • Dreambox Player is a streaming and satellite player. Select the service, play the channel you want to watch, change the aspect ratio, adjust the volume and view it in full screen
  • The full service offers more than ten thousand Radio and TV channels and providers
  • If you lose Internet connection, Dreambox Player makes an automatic re-connection to Dreambox
  • Local recording capacity. If you watch something interesting, you will be able to record that section ,saving it on your PC in MP4
  • The box (Dreambox) Control tab contain commands to WakeUp, Standby, Reboot or Restart GUI(Graphical User Interface)
  • With Dreambox Player, you will have the ability to re-stream a particular media or video on another device connected to your home network. To use this capability you will need authenticate your account
  • You have ten days to use the free trial

If you want know more about this software, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Box Control commands
Box Control commands

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Dreambox Player are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later (32Bit and 64Bit)
  • Processor: of 1 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphic Card: compatible with DirectX
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX
  • HDD Space: 63 MG of free space
  • NET Framework 4.0 and VLC ActiveX control are required


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