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Until AM for Chrome is a plugin developed for this browser which acts as a virtual DJ mixer providing simple tools in a lightweight format. The application is presented in a simple way with two turntables which have simple options for each deck, including pitch variation and various filters that can be applied in real time. This fully-fledged software doesn’t try to compete with professional DJ mixing tools, but it is sufficiently well equipped enough to play all your stored music files, and also ones held in cloud storage.

The way you control Until AM is intuitive, using your mouse simply for adding new songs from the collection which you can download any time, as well as performing a range of DJ tricks, like simple scratches. In addition you have some useful keyboard shortcuts for playing with the volume of each deck, performing fading in & out with just a key combination. Each deck can be played individually, or simultaneously so that you can get creative and mix both sounds.

It is sufficiently well equipped to play all your downloaded music files, and even songs in cloud storage

From what we could see, the application fulfills the basic requirements of this kind of software, also providing some dynamic effects that can dramatically change the sound of any songs . Among these effects, you will find Distortion, Echo, Chorus or Lofi filter. Each one of them works in a X/Y matrix just like the touch pads that are so popular nowadays with most virtual DJs.

Shortcuts of the application
Shortcuts of the application

The Internet is your library

Until AM for Chrome works pretty well with local files such as Ogg, WAV or MP3 songs, but one of its best features is that it can directly access tunes which are in cloud storage. This means you don't have to have the songs you want to play already downloaded, but you can access any content you want to, directly and for free. Additionally, you can download some of the songs available from SoundCloud, while the tracks you have uploaded on your Google Drive account are also available to be used straight away with this plugin.

Once you load a song into either deck, you can check the waveform of the track in the section you have above the deck. This way you can select parts of the song just by clicking on them and even managing the volume of each deck individually thanks to the faders included in the interface. Mix and play just got even easier!

Until AM for Chrome 0.6.10 Features

Here you can find the main features of Until AM for Chrome:

  • Unlimited online access to songs from cloud storage thanks to the SoundCloud service it offers by default
  • Download thousands of songs directly to your computer with ease
  • Mix songs with real-time filters and effects with different configurations all at the same time
  • Perform simple scratches with the virtual vinyl on the screen by clicking and dragging the disc
  • Compatible with all main audio formats you have already downloaded or stored on your PC, or in your personal Google Drive account

If you want more information about this application before you download it, you are free to check its developer’s webpage.

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for Until AM for Chrome:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • HDD: 1 MB free space on Hard Drive
  • Google Chrome previously installed on your system

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