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Destiny is a role-playing FPS (First Person Shooter) videogame developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is set in a mythical science fiction open world, and gathers some elements from different genres to create a unique experience. Destiny can be considered as a hybrid between sandbox, FPS and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-PlayingGame). This release may be stuck between two generations, but is said to be the future of shooter videogames.

Destiny can be considered as a hybrid between sandbox, FPS and MMORPG

Destiny reaches the peak of its potential when run on a PS4 or an Xbox One. This release offers stunning graphics with superimposed planets and vast open areas in which the events occur without dropping frames. PS3 and Xbox 360 versions also have high graphics level, although it has been reduced to enable compatibility with these consoles, clearly being below PS4 and Xbox One standards. The game focuses on multiplayer features, while being competitive and cooperative at the same time. Players can choose their own alliances and motivations, changing the world around them.

Choose your equipment wisely.
Choose your equipment wisely.

This release requires a permanent Internet connection, although it doesn’t require a monthly subscription to play. Storylines followed by different players (known as Guardians) will cross paths eventually, affecting upcoming events and influencing how you want to interact with people but, aside from those encounters, you can keep playing on your own without any problems.

The Traveler

Nobody knows about The Traveler’s origin. When this mysterious orb arrived, it started a Golden Age for humanity, allowing them to colonize other planets within our Solar System. Some people say that The Traveler is artificial intelligence; others say it is a huge vessel or even a deity, but no one really knows its true nature. When the Golden Age collapsed, The Traveler sacrificed itself to save mankind; it stays in a low orbit over the planet.

Humanity’s last bastion is called The City, a fortified city built below where The Traveler hovers. This place serves as a safe haven for you to get new equipment or develop new skills. Destiny brings three playable species that coexist within The City: Humans are the first and most common species on Earth, Exo are sinister, tireless and powerful beings, pretty similar to Halo’s Master Chief. The Awoken are an ethereal and mysterious species.

Destiny Beta Features

Check out the features of Destiny:

  • A mix of genres: Destiny brings fast-paced FPS action with splashes of RPG and sandbox settings
  • Stunning graphics: enjoy day-night cycles, hyperrealistic shadows, large planets and vast areas to explore
  • Multiplayer experience: join other Guardians at specific moments of the gameplay and interact with them
  • Three playable species: become a Human, a powerful Exo or a exotic Awoken
  • Customize your character: get new weapons or armor pieces to become the deadliest warrior

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System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run this game correctly are:

  • Operating system: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4/ Xbox 360, Xbox One

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