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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) developed by Square Enix. It is available for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. Lightning Returns is the final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis series, which includes five different Final Fantasy titles. This release is set hundreds of years after the events of FF XIII-2, so the scenarios will be completely new to you.

The gameplay mechanics remain the same as previous installments of the series, except for variations such as a watch that displays day and hour (which is key for the plot) or the ability to ride chocobos to explore the world. In this release you play the role of Lightning, being the only playable character, along with Hope Estheim, who serves as a guide for players to learn the basics.

Time Runs Out

After 500 years crystallized, Lightning awakes from her lethargy thirteen days before the apocalypse. She has the weapons, the power and the nerves of steel to get over any situation, but there is something Lightning cannot stop: the passing of the time. At least not completely. During the adventure you will be free to change the course of events to gain some extra time. This is an essential part of Lightning Returns: the watch displayed onscreen will give you a permanent sense of unease as the apocalypse gets closer.

Lightning has the ability to change her combat style during battles, so you can exploit your foes’ weaknesses

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII brings other more noticeable changes such as battles in which Lightning will be your only playable character. Although this may seem a bad thing, this new combat system is really deep. Lightning has the ability to change her combat style during battles, so you can exploit your foes’ weaknesses. You have to change your combat style constantly; there is an Energy Bar that empties when using certain abilities, but refills automatically when you change your style. Additionally, you will have to be cautious when making hard decisions during the game, as it features a “World-Driven” system. This means that every decision you make counts, changing the world as you progress.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Full Version Features

Check out the features of this release:

  • Stunning graphics:ensure you enjoy detailed characters and varied settings. There are loads of areas such as deep forests, steep mountains, villages, cities and vast plains
  • New battle system: defeat your enemies using different garbs and combat styles to exploit their weaknesses
  • Customizable items: modify weapons, garbs, accessories and other elements to make Lightning stronger, or just for aesthetic purposes
  • Open world: move freely and explore a vast land divided into four huge continents
  • Secondary quests: complete the 100% by fulfilling side missions as you discover new areas

If you are interested in this RPG title and need further information, feel free to check the developers’ official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements in order to run this game correctly are:

  • Operating system: PlayStation 3/ Xbox 360


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