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Beyond: Two Souls is an action adventure videogame developed by Quantic Dream. The videogame tells the story of Jodie Holmes, who is connected with a "spiritual" entity called Aiden. The plot has several endings which ultimately depend on the actions and decisions you carry out throughout the story. This interactive adventure offers you the chance to do what you think is correct, or simply what you want to do.

The videogame tells the story of Jodie Holmes, who is connected with a "spiritual" entity called Aiden

Similar to the previous release by Quantic Dream, Heavy Rain, the story explores the feelings and humanity of the characters, being more as a directionable movie than a game itself. Actors and actresses as important as Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) and Willem Dafoe (Shadow of the Vampire, Spider-man) have ceded their appearance and voices to the main protagonists of the story. The composer of the soundtrack for the well-known videogame Assassin's Creed III, Lorne Balfe, in collaboration with the composer Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Inception, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel) have created the stunning soundtrack of this videogame.


As previously mentioned, the game is focused on Jodie Holmes, a girl who was abandoned by her parents and who was adopted by Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman. They are researchers for the Department of Paranormal Activity in United States. The story does not follow a linear style, and we will see different times from Jodie's life. As said before, depending on your decisions the plot will follow one path or another. This way, characters such as Ryan Clayton can be just friends, or become more important for our protagonist as they become involved in a romantic relationship. You can play as Jodie, or her strange companion Aiden, who is able to possess people and interact with the physical world. In addition, Aiden helps Jodie have visions and to talk with the dead souls.

Throughout the adventure we can see 24 years in the life of Jodie. There are 11 possible endings in which you can live or die, and several characters can either be present or not. You can even create a post-apocalyptic future through the Infraworld, or you can just have a happy life with your daughter and your partner (you are free to choose the one you want). This way, you can play the story as many times as you want, and complete it by eventually unlocking all the possible endings.

Beyond: Two Souls Full Version Features

The outstanding features of Beyond: Two Souls are listed below:

  • You are free to interact with the plot and make important decisions that will change the storyline
  • Well-known actors such as Ellen Page, Kadeem Hardison, Eric Winter and Willem Dafoe are involved as voice talent
  • Nonlinear narrative based on flashbacks and flash-forwards of Jodie’s life
  • Soundtrack composed by Normand Corbeil, Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer
  • Only available for PlayStation 3

If you are interested in Beyond: Two Souls, and you want to know more information about this videogame before you download it from your PlayStation, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and play this game from your console are the following:

  • Operating System: PlayStation 3


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