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Spelunky HTML5 is the home of the free original Spelunky action game, only this time it has been specially designed to be played on your Google Chrome browser. This version, developed by Darius Kazemi with the collaboration of YoYo games, respects the graphical aspect as well as the sound from the original title, making it work well for this target browser. Now you can enjoy the real adventure of a speleologist exploring different caves looking for secret treasures and rescuing ladies, among other things, with plenty of surprises in store for you.

This is a classic platform, or roguelike game, which hardcore players love. Maps are randomly generated, each time you start a new game the previous setting changes drastically by giving way to a completely new stage. The elements you will find in there will differ greatly, from golden statues with traps to dogs in danger.

The gameplay is really simple and it has a number of features common with other action platform games. The 2D point of view resembles classics of the genre. The graphic aspect is presented in a similar way to 16-Bit games with pixel made characters. The music, on the other hand, also seems to come from that videogame age, with sound effects that resemble the best titles of this type of platform title back in the 90’s. Spelunky HTML5 is a great tribute to that age with the novelties of the newer current generation.

How to play

In Spelunky HTML5, you will play as a speleologist looking for adventure. In the mysterious cave you will search and find many types of enemies like bats, spiders or cavemen, along with traps like arrow shooting stones. In order to get rid of these enemies you have to search out various items during each stage like boxes and stones, or you can even use the lady you want to rescue to enable you to attack. You will also have your whip to slay your enemies, or use it to get other weapons like shotguns.

You can collect different kinds of items throughout the adventure, or buy them with the gold you get from completing each of the stages and this way you will have better equipment and therefore a better chance to succeed in your adventure. Among the different elements, the bombs are among the most useful, not only because they will blow away your enemies, but they will also destroy parts of the stage, modifying the environment. This increases the variety of situations experienced during the game, especially creating new ways of passing through enemies and passages.

The difficulty can be sometimes hellish, but it is really good fun game trying to beat your high score

Although the game may look simple, its difficulty is no joke. You will discover different ways of dying during the game, like falling into spiked traps on the floor that weren't visible at first, or adding arrows to a snake bite combination. The difficulty can be sometimes hellish, but it is really good fun game trying to beat your high score.

Spelunky HTML5 2 Features

Here you can find the main features of Spelunky HTML5:

  • Free randomly generated caves fully filled with enemies and traps everywhere
  • Old fashioned 16-Bit graphical style which resembles the golden age of videogames
  • Simple gameplay style with very difficult levels that will require the best from you
  • Multi-platform compatibility being playable through your web browser with just one download
  • Great variety of items and action situations to go through of in a short space of time

If you want to get more information about the game before the download, check the developer’s website.

One of the numerous ways of dying
One of the numerous ways of dying

System Requirements

These are the system requirements for your computer to download Spelunky HTML5:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or newer
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or faster
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • HDD: 14 MB free space

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