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Google Keep is the reminder utility that Google has developed for Chrome users in order for them to take notes or to use it as an auxiliary calendar or agenda. With this application you can set different alarms depending on the subject, and you will be notified not only by your desktop, but also by your smartphone if you have it synchronized with your free email service.

You can use color-code notes for establishing the importance of each new event you create. This way you can identify them immediately without checking the text. For increasing its usefulness, Google Keep needs to work with your email account in order to access your notes from other devices in an efficient way since all is saved in your Google Drive tool. Truth be said, the desktop application can work on its own thanks to its offline mode, but despite this it is pretty useful for quick note-taking, and it is especially handy when you are connected to the Internet.

An immediate response is almost guaranteed no matter how many system processes you are running

From creating a to-do list to saving URLs of websites you like, or instantly annotate ideas, one thing that is outstanding with this utility is the speed. Since it is lightweight software with a small download file, it requires little memory use, so the immediate response is almost granted no matter how many system processes you are running on your desktop system.

Simple and fast

Compared to other similar applications, like Microsoft’s utility OneNote or Evernote, Google Keep has a long way to go in order to integrate all the functions both applications already have. In this sense, Keep doesn't allow embedding online images, nor automatically manage your notes. These actions need to be performed manually, downloading the image you want to insert or to manage your notes with the drag and drop feature.

On the other hand, both performance and simplicity are the main characteristics for this desktop application. Since you don’t need to click on the save button to get your notes synced with your Google Drive service, Keep wins withease. The interface is pretty simple, with the visual style Google has accustomed its users to.

Create new notes simply
Create new notes simply

Google Keep 2.1.01 Features

Here you can find the main features of Google Keep:

  • Fast note-taking process thanks to light memory consumption since it all works with Chrome browser
  • Manage your notes with different colors and include all kind of images in your texts
  • Get access to your content and edit it whenever you want, even while you are offline, since the changes will be synchronized once the system is reconnected to your Google Drive
  • Create new reminders and use the utility just like an online agenda to keep track of your main events
  • Archive your old notes and edit or check them whenever you want

If you want to learn more about Google Keep before the download, you are free to visit its the developer's site.

Set new reminder notes
Set new reminder notes

System Requirements

Here are the specifications needed with your computer to run Google Keep:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or faster
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • HDD: 2 MB Free space
  • Google Chrome installed

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