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Dragon City is a city building game developed by the Spanish company Social Point. In this adventure, you have to build a dragon city, obtain all available dragons, and feed your reptilian pets until they develop to their full potential. In addition, you can train your dragons and organize battles with your rivals.

You can train your dragons and organize battles with your rivals

At the beginning, you will start with just a few types of dragon. By mixing dragons, you can obtain new ones. This way, you can create new dragon species and train them to compete against your enemies. The graphics are good enough to be able to see all the minute details of your dragon pets. In addition, you will find many animations; the dragons are certainly not static, they fly and move through the island, they ask for food when they are hungry, and they sleep and wake up, too.

Dragon City started out as a Facebook game, and for this reason, the connection with this social network is an important factor. Sometimes, you may need to connect the app with your Facebook account to obtain support from your friends. For instance, some habitats need the help of a friend to be opened.


The most outstanding feature of the game is, of course, dragons. You can breed dragons from nine different elements and create excellent hybrid dragons. New species are really cool, and if you are smart, you can create incredible ones. Dragons can be divided into Elemental (the ones you have at the beginning), Hybrid (the ones you create), Rare Hybrid (mixing between hybrids) and Legend and Exclusive, which are the most difficult to obtain. Therefore, if you manage to get the Droconos, the Nirobi, the Robin Hood Dragon, the Alien Dragon or the Plankton Dragon, you can be sure you have a treasure.

Dragons are also divided, depending on their natural element. Thus, you can breed eight different kinds of pets: Terra, Light, Flame, Metal, Dark, Legend, War and Pure. The other most important element is battles. This is important since you can use your dragons to combat other ones and obtain goods such as gems or money. Depending on their element, some dragons are more powerful than others.

Dragon City 2.5.2 Features

The main features of Dragon City are listed below, check them out:

  • You can breed and play with more than 100 dragons
  • Facebook connection to get support from your friends and also rewards
  • Ability to visit your friend's realms
  • You can combine different species to create new ones
  • Battle with your enemies to get money and gems

If you are interested in Dragon City and you want to know more information about this app before you download it to your mobile device, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

Here you can see the minimum system requirements to correctly download and play Dragon City:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later
  • Free Space: 44 MB of available space

If you want to download and use this app on your iOS device, check out the minimum requirements listed here:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Free Space: 53.7 MN available on your device

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