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In Fear I Trust is a horror game in which you will experience psychological fear. Developed by Black Wing Foundation and published by Chillingo LTD, this adventure will make you feel as if you were actually in danger. Even though it is only a mobile app, you might think you can't feel the same fear as when playing on a large screened computer, In Fear I trust will make you get goose bumps.

In Fear I Trust will make you get goose bumps

The adventure takes place in an abandoned location, in what appears to be an old prison, a mental asylum or maybe a scary research facility. The visuals will provide a sick imagery since all have a gloomy green aspect. All seems to have blood stains, as if something horrible has occurred there. Usually, you will have a wide perspective since you play with a first-person perspective, but you can zoom in on some objects to carefully explore them.

You are not alone. You will find some patients that have been treated, who are in the midst of a creepy experiment. Other times, you can see the ghosts of dead patients roaming in the facilities, or simply, you can feel their presence by hearing strange noises. Soon, you will discover that actually, you are a patient of the place, revealed by flashbacks of your own horrifying tests.

Another hair-raising element is the soundtrack. You are free to try to play it with the headphones on a darkened room, but the music and sound effects truly terrify!. You will hear whispers, steps, and strange noises from nowhere. All these together with chilling music with sudden changes make the adventure even scarier.

Every item is important
Every item is important


Once you download it, you can see that the controls are quite easy, which means you can focus on what matters: the fear you feel. To go where you want, you have to double tap on the spot you want to go, or you can also use the on-screen joystick. You will go faster with the double tap option, but if you go with the joystick, you can deeply explore the location. You have two joysticks; with the left one you walk around, and with the right one you turn the camera.

Even if you want, you cannot complete this horror game quickly. You will be slowed down by puzzles to solve to complete the game. However, they are not as hard as they may seem. Just focus yourself, forget about the creepy place you are and think. In addition, I strongly recommend you to explore the scary rooms more than once. If you go fast, you can skip some important items to continue the adventure, and you can get stuck without knowing what to do. So if you think that there is no possible solution, just go back and check all rooms you visited.

In Fear I Trust 1.0 Features

The main features of In Fear I Trust are the following:

  • Point-and-Click horror gameplay based on puzzles to solve
  • Bloodcurdling storyline full of disturbing flashbacks, and traumatic memories
  • Gloomy locations to make you feel ill at ease
  • On-screen touch-based controls very easy to use
  • Scary soundtrack and sound effects to add a horrific atmosphere

If you are interested on In Fear I Trust and you want to know more information about it before you download the app, feel free to visit the publisher’s website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and play this app on your mobile device are listed below:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Free Space: 976 MB available


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