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Shield for Chrome is a free malware web browser extension remover for Google Chrome. It warns you when one of the Chrome add-ons you are running has been flagged as spyware or malware. This utility shields your computer from more than a hundred malicious extensions that are available in the web store and it is designed to regularly update its built-in blacklist, in order to protect you from the latest and emerging threats detected by the community.

It warns you when one of the Chrome add-ons you are running has been flagged as spyware or malware

It is quite common for user-downloaded extensions to become tainted by malicious code when they are updated. Even official and reliable extensions can be turned malicious after an automatic update, unbeknownst to the user, who granted auto-updates as a permission when the add-on was installed. That is why Shield for Chrome monitors the behavior of non-blacklisted add-ons in order to identify suspicious patterns. Additionally, it blocks the browser bug that allows websites to listen to private conversations. It also offers shield code protection to avoid malware bypassing.

However, some criticism has arisen because users find that it is hard to trust an add-on that tells what other add-ons you can and you cannot trust. Critics also say that even though it seems to have reliable code at the moment, it is hard to tell if the add-on itself will be altered in a pre-set update.

How to use this utility

To install this utility you need to grant some permissions: access to your data on every website, access to browsing activity and tabs, and allowing the add-on managing your applications, extensions and themes. Once you are done with the process, you just have to click on the shield icon located in the right top corner of the Chrome toolbar to check the status of your already-installed Chrome extensions.

Then, Shield for Chrome will keep track of them, will alert you if something suspicious has been found and will proceed to remove it if necessary. This extension is quite simple and does not have any customizable settings. It is composed of a simple and plain Protector screen, accompanied by a message stating if a malware extension has been found or not.

Shield for Chrome 0.33 Features

The unique features of Shield for Chrome are:

  • Detection and removal of over 100 adware, malware and spyware add-ons available in the Chrome web store
  • Monitoring of non-blacklisted websites’ and extensions’ behavior in order to detect suspicious conduct
  • Shield code protection to avoid malware bypassing
  • Blocks the Google Chrome bug that allows webpages to listen to private conversations

If you want to read more information before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Shield for Chrome are listed below:

  • Google Chrome browser installed

free download:

  • Version
  • Architecture
  • Language


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