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Quickr is a mobile application that will let you access to your installed software by executing actions via the touchscreen of your smartphone. In order to customize your Android device even more, Quickr allows you to check the different kinds of utilities running and recently used ones with just a single touch on the part of the screen you want.

This App launcher is outstanding thanks to its clear, configurable interface for up to 4 different panels for adding the applications you want to have as a shortcut to be a handy replacement for individual icons cluttering the desktop. These panels are called hotspots and are placed on both side of the screen, right and left. This way the access to your smartphone will be almost immediate without having to load all kinds of icons when you unlock your mobile device.

The access to your smartphone will be almost immediate without having to load all kinds of icons when you unlock your mobile device

We find this Android utility quite useful in case you want to have more control of your smartphone when it comes to its free customization. Once you learn the different forms of access that correspond to each part of the screen, it is very quick to run your favorite application. You can modify each hotspot individually in order to show which applications you want, or choose some of the default options Quickr suggests.

Quick access to your system
Quick access to your system's tools

How to use

In order to access your utilities you just have to swipe the tab, you want from the side you established before. This action will grant you immediate access to Quickr App launcher system. For what we could test, this launcher is quite fast and is a light user of the smartphone’s resources, so you can use it without any trouble as long as you own a device compatible with Android 4.0 onwards.

The enhancements Quickr offers doesn’t lie much beyond these previous functions. The customization of the hotspots that can be found on this software is broad, offering default access to background-running processes, general system tools like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G toggle buttons or the area for recent used utilities. In case you want to change any of these applications you can change them via the settings menu, with some other customizable options with no need to download any further add-ons.

Customize your application
Customize your application

Quickr 1.3 Features

The list below includes the main features Quickr offers once you have download it to your device:

  • Very customizable utility that lets its users change the aspects they want, in order to make it more personal
  • Up to 4 different hotspots for adding a shortcut for your applications without wasting your smartphone or tablet resources
  • Choose between defaults shortcuts like system utilities or recent executed applications, or you can set them manually
  • Light on your device’s resources and fast when it comes to showing the launcher on screen
  • It supports more than 15 quick actions for enabling the most common tasks for personal searches, posting messages at Twitter and many more
  • It is compatible with other launchers that you have previously installed, enabling even more options

In case you feel you need more information about this mobile application, be free to check its developer’s website.

System Requirements

Here you can check the specifications for your mobile device in order to run Quickr:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or later
  • Size: 798kbs free space on device to download

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